The importance of keeping communal areas clear

The importance of keeping communal areas clear

If you live in a block of flats, then you may have received a letter or communication regarding the importance of keeping communal areas such as stairs and hallways clear.

Why is this important?

The main reason is for Health and Safety. Items on staircases, in hallways and entrances can be a trip hazard and can cause serious injury. Should you need to leave the building via the stairs in an emergency, then it is imperative that you and your family can easily exit safely.


Young children and the elderly especially need safe space to pass on stairs and in corridors. Empty packaging frequently includes polystyrene, strapping tape, plastic, plastic bags and boxes which can be very dangerous if tripped over or when blocking an exit.


Similarly, leaving rubbish in communal areas can be just as dangerous if not more so depending on the items left. If flammable, a material could cause a fire hazard and cause a fire to spread quicker with other items around it.


So, think carefully about what you do with your rubbish and where else you could safely store other items so that you and your neighbours stay safe. Remember your lease will highlight these issues so take time to read the lease properly and discuss any other storage requirements with the freeholder or managing agent or if you notice belongings or rubbish in the communal areas of your building.

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