Leasehold in London needs changing!


An article in Show House yesterday gave the views of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who has launched a new guide to help London leaseholders while at the same time stepping up his calls on ministers to overhaul the system of leasehold for homebuyers in the capital.

An estimated third of London’s homes – and over 90% of new-build housing – are owned on a leasehold basis. The Mayor has called for wholesale reform of leasehold, including a long-term shift toward alternative tenures such as commonhold. In the meanwhile, he is working to ensure London’s leaseholders have access to high-quality information on their rights and obligations. You can read his thoughts here.

The Mayor’s new leaseholder portal at fulfils a commitment in Sadiq’s housing strategy to ensure leaseholders can access high-quality advice.  It is good to see that the Government are catching up with BW Residential Ltd.  As you may know, we are always willing to help leaseholders who have questions, queries or problems.  Click here if you need help now!