About Us

BW Residential Ltd is a family run business with a team of experienced IRPM qualified property managers. We have extensive experience in block and estate management and pride ourselves on the longevity of our staff. That means you get consistent and pro-active management with a Property Manager that you know.

Behind our Property Managers is an efficient, effective and dedicated team who work tirelessly to ensure that our systems, processes and operations run smoothly to ensure that at all times we are able to offer the best service possible.

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Our Values

Behind every business is a set of values which define who they are, the reason behind the business and what they do. These are the values that are important to us...


By working in a well organised and competent way, we can ensure that our clients get the best possible service at the best possible price.


Our trained and qualified staff provide our clients with a service that is backed by experience, knowledge, skills and tailored to individual situations.


Mutual respect and professionalism is essential in all relationships and this is helped by the longevity of our Property Managers. Our team is respected for getting results.


Our reputation speaks for itself as a high percentage of our new business is down to referrals..


Through our efficiency, competency, respect, and reputation comes trust. Our clients trust us to get the job done..

Charitable Work

We support local charities and believe it's important to be active this way in the local community we serve.

In the words of our customers...