Case Study of BW Residential Ltd Featured Image

Case study of BW Residential Ltd

Click here to read how BW Residential Ltd were approached for a case study by award winning software company ‘Inform Direct’.  ‘Inform Direct’ provides a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for property management companies offering a company secretarial service to their clients.  

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What is Commonhold Featured Image

What is Commonhold?

Click on the video below to listen to Property Manager, Lewis discuss what Commonhold is.     “Commonhold is a type of property ownership which was introduced with the overall aim to replace leasehold by simplifying the system where a set of rules will apply to any commonhold property. To date, there are approximately fifty blocks of flats which are commonhold properties in England and Wales.”

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Do you think Commonhold will come into play in England and Wales Featured Image

Do you think Commonhold will come into play in England and Wales?

Listen to Property Manager, Lewis discuss his thoughts regarding Commonhold.     “Currently, no! There are little incentives that offer developers a good enough reason to choose Commonhold over Leasehold from a financial prospective. Unless this changes, there is no clear sign of an increase to the current amount of Commonhold owned properties in England and Wales. However, it is something that the Law Commission is reviewing and will be publishing their reports on.”

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What can I do about nuisance neighbours? Featured image

What can I do about nuisance neighbours?

Click below to listen to BW Residential Property Manager, Jamie Fisk for more information.  

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The following tips offer ideas on how to handle seasonal home repairs - featured image

The following tips offer ideas on how to handle seasonal home repairs.

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Moving home with pets featured image

Moving home with pets

Here are a few reminders for moving home when you have pets.   Firstly, if you are moving into a rented property, check you are allowed to have pets! Some landlords are happy to allow pets with a slightly higher deposit. Make sure you have enough food, bowls, cat litter, toys etc packed separately for the first 24 hours to allow you enough time to unpack. Update your pets microchip with the new address. If you are moving out of the area, register with a new vet in advance. On the day of removal, keep your pet(s) in one room…

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How to Deal With Noisy Neighbours Featured Image

How to deal with noisy neighbours

Occasionally, there will be times when disputes arise with neighbours. Having noise disruption next door can be frustrating and disputes often involve the playing of loud music, barking dogs or noise from laminated flooring above.   The following guidance comes from the www.gov.uk website which contains an overview and more specific guidance regarding the steps to take in solving the dispute.   It is important to remember that speaking calmly to your neighbour is often the best way to resolve a dispute and can avoid the need to take further action. Usually, the neighbour is unaware that there is even…

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The importance of keeping communal areas clear Featured Image

The importance of keeping communal areas clear

If you live in a block of flats, then you may have received a letter or communication regarding the importance of keeping communal areas such as stairs and hallways clear. Why is this important? The main reason is for Health and Safety. Items on staircases, in hallways and entrances can be a trip hazard and can cause serious injury. Should you need to leave the building via the stairs in an emergency, then it is imperative that you and your family can easily exit safely.   Young children and the elderly especially need safe space to pass on stairs and…

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