Ground Rent

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Unfair leasehold arrangements.

  An interesting article was published recently regarding a government backed pledge to stop leaseholders being trapped in unfair and costly deals.  Companies such as Taylor Wimpey and Barratt Homes have already signed the government-backed pledge, which commits them to doing away with onerous ‘doubling clauses’ that can result in ground rents soaring exponentially over a short period of time. The freeholders who have signed, have committed to changing the terms of leases for those who are affected. Other industry bodies such as Managing Agents have also put their names down, vowing to act fairly and transparently in their dealings…

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What is Ground Rent?

Listen to Property Manager Jamie Fisk, who will explain what ground rent is in his short video below.    

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Service Charges and other expenses

Today, we’re going to talk about Service Charges and other expenses that are likely to apply to any leasehold property you buy or rent. Service Charges If you pay a Service Charge, your lease will be set out explaining how this is organised and what can be charged.   You have the right to ask for a summary outlining how the charge has been calculated and what it will be spent on together with any receipts or paperwork.   You are entitled to this information from your Landlord. Ground Rent You do not have to pay Ground Rent unless your…

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